Despite more than 35 years of effort and reform, criminal justice outcomes for sexual assault crimes remain static. Civil rights protections for rape survivors' education, housing, employment, safety, privacy, etc. are virtually non-existent. Victims from historically oppressed communities have frequently been relegated to the sidelines of the anti sexual assault movement, or left out of our discussions altogether.

Damaging and unsubstantiated beliefs about rape - such as the notion that "false reporting" is commonplace - have moved from the fringes to the mainstream, impacting attitudes in the courts while silencing victims. Cultural representations of violence against women (in film, music, TV and the 24/2 world of the blogosphere) treat as normal that which we know is harmful. There is little to no appreciation for the profound life impact of rape on victims' education, employment, housing, and core social needs.

We think it's time to turn it around.