In my work listening to sexual violence survivors, I have seen that the social, economic, and personal costs of rape and abuse are greater than many in our society imagine. In the face of that reality, our legal and communal responses to such violence are often inadequate and damaging to the very survivors we seek to help. CounterQuo is a uniquely 21st century initiative that considers this reality and then asks us to collaborate across disciplines and ideologies in order to create a world in which sexual violence is not tolerated. By engaging new and traditional media and working with those who have often been excluded from our efforts, we are laying the foundation for a new type of anti sexual assault movement.
— Katie Feifer

With more than 10 years working as an activist on the issue of sexual assault and over 30 years of research experience, Ms. Feifer’s professional background and passionate commitment to survivors has made her a much-valued member of CounterQuo team.

Ms. Feifer has a unique public-private sector history. A former Vice President and Group Research Director at Leo Burnett Company, one of the country's most respected communications firms, Ms. Feifer currently serves as an independent consultant focusing on qualitative consumer research, discussion facilitation, and strategic planning for a list of Fortune 500 companies that includes Procter & Gamble, Kellogg’s and Clorox.

Ms. Feifer balances her private sector work with her contributions to CounterQuo and The Voices and Faces Project, where she serves as the research director and media director. Ms. Feifer’s involvement with The Voices and Faces Project began in 2003 when she was interviewed for a survivor profile. She immediately realized the potential of the project to change how our society addresses the issue of rape. She also wanted to use her own survivor voice to help other survivors and to educate people on the impact of sexual violence.

In addition to speaking out about sexual assault as a member of the Speakers Bureau, Ms. Feifer developed and analyzes the ongoing Voices and Faces Project Survivor Survey, which is part of the project’s permanent testimonial archive. She uses the stories and information to create presentations that educate, inspire and promote change as part of the project's community outreach program. Additionally, Ms. Feifer helps develop and execute the project’s media strategies.

Since 2003, Ms. Feifer has been a volunteer SART advocate in San Diego. She was named “Volunteer of the Year” by the Center for Community Solutions in 2005 for her work as an advocate and speaker. The city of Escondido (California) recognized her with an award in 2008 for her efforts on behalf of rape survivors.

As a key member of our CounterQuo planning team, Ms. Feifer has worked on the development of our leadership meeting discussion agenda which she facilitated in Fall, 2008. She administers our website and communications materials as well.