Media Library

Welcome to the CounterQuo Media Library. We hope that you find the media resources we've collected here helpful in your work to raise awareness of the effects of rape and abuse.

 As is the case with most libraries, our collection is not exhaustive: there are many fine works that we surely have excluded. You may not find every selection here useful. But members of our CounterQuo project have found these videos and film to be helpful teaching and training tools for allies, advocates and the general public.

 All of the videos on our list (with the exception of the films that are available for purchase) are in the public domain, so you are free to use them.  Because our library is a "work-in-progress," we welcome your input on new additions. Please contact us if you have a video or film you'd like to have us consider for inclusion here.

 Video and film can play an important role in changing the way that the world views sexual violence.  We encourage you to make the most of these tools!