Kudos to Bangor Daily News

There are a lot of media outlets, a lot of journalists, who perpetuate myths about sexual violence, who write victim-shaming and blaming articles, or who actively contribute to rapists’ social license to operate. When we see such pieces, we call them out.

And then there are times when a media outlet does something we can applaud. Here’s to the Bangor Daily News in Maine, which recently published on its website,Proof: "Maine Rape Survivors Share One of the Most Buried Secrets of All Sometimes Only with Pain as Proof." Proof is multi-media piece about sexual violence, featuring the stories of several sexual assault survivors, detailing in a sensitive and accurate manner the realities of sexual violence: both the trauma of it, and the path to healing. The Bangor Daily News worked with our friends at theMaine Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Special thanks goes to Erin Rhoda at Bangor Daily Newserhoda@bangordailynews.com who managed and wrote the project (and to whom you can write to express your appreciation and encourage more good journalism on sexual violence.)