"Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors" Gets Glowing Reviews

Lived Through This: Listening to the Stories of Sexual Violence Survivors, by the Voices and Faces Project founder Anne K. Ream with photographs by Patricia Evans, is fewer than two months away from publication, and is already garnering positive – even glowing – reviews.

The book is "Partly a personal history of Ream’s own experience rebuilding her life in the wake of sexual violence, partly a memoir of a journey spent listening to survivors,... both deeply personal and resolutely political." (Random House)

Eve Ensler calls the book “Heart-stopping, beautifully rendered stories of survivors powerfully illustrating the notion that when we tell our stories, we change the story.”

Publisher’s Weekly notes  “Ream’s greatest accomplishment is the book’s considerable humanism, giving each survivor a three-dimensional life and personality that transcends the stigma too often attached to rape….Each individual story commands attention; assembled as a collection, they positively demand it.”

And Kirkus Review summarizes its review by saying: “A sad reality graced with hope, humanity and compassion.”

We believe this book will be a powerful and important addition to the public conversation about sexual violence, and will undoubtedly provide support, hope and inspiration to the many thousands of survivors who have “lived through this”.

We invite you to pre-order the book through Random House or your favorite bookseller.