Your Voice, Your Choice: A Survivor Media Guide

Just published! Your Voice, Your Choice: A Survivor Media Guide is an informative short document for survivors of gender-based violence who are considering speaking to the media about the violence they've experienced. The guide was written by four members of CounterQuo who work in journalism, law, advocacy, activism and marketing communications.

More and more, journalists from many different kinds of media outlets are interviewing survivors for news reports, analysis, opinion pieces, blogs and more. We believe survivor voices are powerful tools for challenging myths around sexual violence, for helping to change hearts and minds and public policy. We also know that speaking out in any public forum has risks for survivors as well as rewards. We developed "Your Voice, Your Choice" to help survivors decide whether speaking out is right for them, and to offer tips and tools for making their experience with the media as successful as possible. 

While designed for survivors, we believe that others who work with survivors as advocates, attorneys, counselors, and friends may also find the information and suggestions useful.

We're pleased to offer "Your Voice, Your Choice: A Survivor Media Guide to survivors and their allies, and we encourage you to share it broadly.